MiNGGu sH0Rt SeM..

As stated above, this short semester is indeed BORING. Maybe its because of less classes which leads to less activities and MORE MORE free time. This is the reality. Students who have lack of time to get enough rest will continuosly complaining about bundles of assigments, lack of sleeping, lack of that lack of thisss..but then, when it comes to my situation. I am bored to death. Where are all the entertainments? When I need them, they aren`t there..but when I don`t, they are killing you with all the imaginations. God damn it.

From the first week of my short semester up to this day..all I do during my 4 days OFF PER WEEK was sitting in front of my lappy with a dumb face searching for anything. You hear that? ANYTHING. Well, obviously, that shows BOREDOM surrounds me. I may die due to boredness.HAHA.

Okay Okay then. I drop by here just to say hello and and and and..

Do lah something that benefits u, okay peeps?

Till then. Babai.


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