My father's love is a strong brick wall,
Lean on it, i will never fall,
He may be be tired of working all day,
But he brings us food when he gets his pay.

My mother's love is a pillow, soft & light,
It warms me on the coldest night,
When i am ill or feeling blue,
She'll stay beside me as is stuck with glue.

My sister's love is a loud kettle,
Full of shrinks, noises & bubbles,
When she isn't busy with all her books,
She'll fuss about my clothes, shoes & looks.

My brother's love is a mango tree,
Giving me shades & fruits for free,
He might scold me for being naughty,
But, when he's around i need fear no

I love my family forever & ever,
My father, My mother, My sister & My brother,
If i lose one of them who will i be,
For Without Their Love I'M Not Even Me..


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