wHat GiRls wANt 2 hEaR!!!

girl: thanx 4 the fun day
boy: no, prob..
girl: can i ask u a few questions??
boy: sure.. 0.0
girl: n.... be honest...
girl: have i ever crossed ur mind
boy: no...
girl: do u like me???
boy: no...
girl: do u want me??
boy: no...
girl: would u cry if i left??
boy: no...
girl: would u live for me??
boy: no..
girl: would u do anything 4 me??
boy: no...
girl: choose me or ur life??
boy: my life...

the girls ran away in shock depression
the boy ran after her n told

the reason u never crossed my mind becoz.. UR ALWYZ IN MY MIND..
the reason Y i don't like u is becoz.. I LOVE U...
the reason i don't want u is becoz.. I NEED U..
the reason Y i wouldn't cry if left... becoz I'LL DIE IF U LEFT..
the reason i wouldn't like 4 u is becoz.. I WOULD DIE 4 U..
the reason i'm not willing 2 do anything 4 u is becoz.. I WOULD DO EVRYTHNG 4 U...
the reason i choose my life is becoz.. U AR MY LIFE..



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